Great Tech Links

You know who these people are!  
This is NATCAP-OUG’s (above) official PARENT Organization.  IOUG is the largest Oracle based user group in the world. HEAVY DUTY Technical Sessions at their annual IOUG Live! conferences.  They also host a nice Technical Repository… and much more.è IOUG’s former name was “INTERNATIONAL Oracle Users Group” (now called Independent Oracle Users Group).  IOUG is heavily endorsed and partially subsidized by Oracle Corporation.  
Oracle Technology Network, aka “TECHNET”.  GREAT place to look for techie info in the Discussion Forums and todownload trial Oracle products (tied to Oracle Corp’s web site).  
Oracle METALINK Technical Support and techie info lookup/repository. Usually the best place to start when you have a problem. Look it up — chances are other folks have had similar experience and have already resolved the issue.  
Prime site for hard-to-find Oracle specific Techie Information, utility scripts, and other hot Oracle topics and links.  Tom Kyte is the author of 2 popular Oracle books and author of the regular Ask Tom column in Oracle Magazine — and a regular presenter at NATCAP-OUG.  Thanks, Tom :-).  
GREAT source for Techie Information and utility scripts.  Their home page emphasizes Performance Tuning, but they cover a lot more.  Their monthly NEWSLETTER is published ONLINE — packed with good tips. Unix + Oracle =
Oracle Development Tools User Group.  This is the largest user group devoted EXCLUSIVELY to Oracle’s Design, Development, and Decision Support Tools.  
MORE Links to GREAT Techie Places

Oracle/Web Development
PL/SQL Manual:
  An easy to read manual teaches PL/SQL concepts.
Hot Oracle:  Web-Site dedicated to Oracle/Java Developers.
Oracle Application Server:  Unofficial Oracle Application Server Site.
Web Alchemy:  Tools to convert HTML to PL/SQL.
Oracle Documentation:  Oracle Documentation including 8i Server, PL/SQL Java, and SQL.

Java/HTML/XML Web Development
HTML Home Page : W3C’s Guideline on how to use HTML to the best effect.
Java Boutique:  An excellent resource for any topic on Java. Lots of tutorials and samples.
Web Development Tutorials:  On Line HTML, Perl, Java abd Javascript Tutorials.

Third Party Software
Computer Associates:  Look for ERwin, Paradigm Plus, and more.
Cast Software:  MINE your application software code/libraries to diagnose problems AND to PLAN your software architecture better.