**CANCELED **Columbia MD meeting March 15th at 4pm




On Thursday March 15th from 4pm – 630pm we will be having a meetup at Oracle’s NSG office in Columbia at 7031 Columbia Gateway Dr #1, Columbia, MD 21046 

This will be a double header with Bobby Curtis and Steven Feuerstein.

Bobby Curtis is the product manager for Oracle Golden Gate and will be delivering a one hour presentation on Golden Gate Security.

Steven Feuerstein is Oracle’s Developer Advocate for PL/SQL.

Pump Up Your PL/SQL Muscles!
Join us for a live Oracle Dev Gym workout with Steven Feuerstein.
If you want to get good at writing PL/SQL, you can not  just read a book (so there, Steven) or watch a video about PL/SQL.
You need to work with PL/SQL – in two ways. First, you need to write PL/SQL code. Second, you need to get really good at reading PL/SQL code, understanding what it is doing (and not going go do).
That’s why we are so excited to host a user group meeting with Steven Feuerstein, Oracle Developer Advocate for PL/SQL   The Oracle Developer Advocates Team . He’s going to put together a workout on key PL/SQL features (including one or two goodies from Oracle Database 12c) for us to sweat over on March 15.
What does this mean? You will come with laptop or tablet, sign in to your Oracle account (make sure you’ve got one before the meeting!), visit devgym.oracle.com and take some quizzes. Steven will then review each quiz and draw lessons about PL/SQL. We will then end the meeting by giving out prizes to top-ranked players.
It’ll be fun, it’ll be informative, and it will introduce you to the Dev Gym, where you can take many more quizzes, workouts and classes.
Don’t forget your notebook for this meeting. Steven’s pretension will be very interactive and will require a notebook.


Tickets are no longer available.