NATCAP September Webinar – Database Backups

The NATCAP September 16 Webinar will focus on the Database Administrator, and how backups can be done with both RMAN and the ORacle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance ( ZDLRA). This webinar will show how RMAN can be scheduled using both Enterprise Manager 13, and the database scheduler using the command line . We will cover the catalog, and also encryption for your backups. This is extended to show how you can use the Cloud for your backups, easily and inexpensively moving backups offsite cheaper than you can buy an offsite tape service.

If the potential for data loss with normal backups is also a concern for many Federal Agencies, and commercial enterprises. To reduce that  risk the ZDLRA is being introduced as a new tool for DBA. The ZDLRA is a new  engineered system designed to dramatically eliminate data loss and reduce data protection overhead for all Oracle databases in the enterprise. Integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) and Recovery Manager (RMAN), it enables a centralized, incremental forever backup strategy for hundreds to thousands of databases in the enterprise, using cloud-scale, fully fault-tolerant hardware and storage. The appliance provides databases with sub-second recovery point objectives and continuously validates backups for assured recover-ability of Oracle data. Oracle Enterprise Manager enables “single pane of glass” control of all administrative operations on the appliance, providing complete, end-to-end visibility of the Oracle backup lifecycle.

The event is free,at starts at 2pm September 6th, 2016. Please RSVP to get the Webinar connection details.


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